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Getting Pre-approved


Employment And Income

The following information is needed for all borrowers signing the loan:

  • Pay stubs from at least the past 30 days.
  • Tax returns (including W-2s) from the past two years.
  • Bank statements from the past two months to three months – Checking, savings, money market accounts.
  • Employment information – Contact information of employers in the past two years (some employers have an employment verification phone number lenders can call)
  • Business records if self-employed.
  • Other income sources – Bonuses, child and/or spousal support, disability or VA benefits, pension, Social Security or other sources.


Account statements from the past two months to three months – 401(k)s and/or IRAs, CDs, mutual funds or other investment or retirement vehicles.

  • Down payment gift letter if applicable.
  • Information on other real estate if you have multiple properties.


Loan statements from the past 60 days – Auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, student loans.

Credit history

Credit reports and scores retrieved by the lender with your authorization.

Rental history

Contact information for landlords and proof of rent payments, such as
canceled checks or paid receipts.


Driver’s license, Social Security card or other form of ID.
Recent residences and tenure at each.

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